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Paying Respect To A City Hero  / JJ Mortellaro   Read >>
Paying Respect To A City Hero  / JJ Mortellaro

Danny, Our Thoughts and prayers are with you, and especially to your family. Thank You For the times that i had the chance to talk to you all those times at Kiss Shots and also The Ale House, you will be missed, and also thanks for our freedom, you are definitely a hero in my eyes, and also to alot others, There should be alot more people like you in this world, this world  definitely would be a better place, Rest In Peace.  

Childhood Memories  / Russ Bryan (Childhood Friend )  Read >>
Childhood Memories  / Russ Bryan (Childhood Friend )
I remember Danny from North Lauderdale, hanging out with him and his brother Ilan.   We, unfortunately, lost contact around high school.  We met up again, briefly, a few years later at Galaxy Skateway but lost contact again.

My condolenses to the family, Danny will be missed. Close
i love you danny  / Lara Shiner (best friend )  Read >>
i love you danny  / Lara Shiner (best friend )

Danny, you are my best friend and i will always love you. your presence in my life has affected me more than you could ever know. i never thought this day would happen. just the other day i was counting down the days till you were safe and in Georgia where we could be together like old times: blaring Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder and just acting goofy without a care in the world.
for a first, i am actually at a loss for words. You’ve finally got me to shut up.  its alll so unreal. i keep replaying ur voice mail u left me wednesday and i cant grasp you not calling anymore
I have missed you everyday you've been and i will always miss you untill we meet again. You are a true hero and will NEVER be forgotten.  you know i have always been proud of you and thankful of you for serving our country ... but words could not express all you really mean to me and all ur friends
you have cut a piece out of my heart which will always be yours.
i love you Danny-boy

Sk8 or Die man.  / Jenifer Rankin (Old Skating pal )  Read >>
Sk8 or Die man.  / Jenifer Rankin (Old Skating pal )
Along time ago I met a lil squirt named Danny. He lived a couple houses down from me growing up in North Lauderdale. We hung out a lot. His brother and I would make fun of him, but we loved him. He was a great friend. I remember going skating every weekend with him at Galaxy. All night skates and everything. We lost touch after high school. I'm happy that Danny seemed like he had a great life. I'm sad he's gone. When I go skating tonight I'll dedicate myself to him. I know he made a lot of people proud. Close
martha and amanda miss you  / Amanda Martin (friend)  Read >>
martha and amanda miss you  / Amanda Martin (friend)
 when me and martha found out we immediately thought about the times my senior year you let me drive your car when we worked at roadhouse, and how you would have been my prom date. we also thought about you dhing at kiss shots and playing your booty music as always. and the times you had a party and martha broke the door. well.... we miss you and you will forever be in oour hearts. my brother says he misses you, and that you are the first person he has known that didn't die from drugs, but rather a guy who died for his country. we all believe that god need you in heaven to watch over all of us and yourbunkmates in the army. god bless and keep an eye on us!
amanda Close
ALWAYS MY HERO, ALWAYS WILL BE MY HERO!  / Rachel (friend!)  Read >>
Danny was an amazing person with a heart of gold. He loved his friends and family so much as he expressed to me as we had contact in the mornings. Life will never be the same without him apart of it. The reality of it is Danny wouldnt have rather passed any other way than fighting for US, OUR COUNTRY! What a courageous, Heroic MAN!

We'll Meet Again one day, Until that day. You Keep us in line as you always did! 



True american Hero  / Mike Lipski (Friend)  Read >>
True american Hero  / Mike Lipski (Friend)
Danny was a true friend. He was the most harmless sole alive. So funny and such a great friend. I will miss you forever!!!!! Close
Roadhouse Days  / Bree-Marie Swass (friend)  Read >>
Roadhouse Days  / Bree-Marie Swass (friend)
Wow....i knew Danny back when we worked at Roadhouse together....back in 2000...we used to have so much fun together....he tried to pull a trick on my because i was the new girl...asking me to empty out the hot water in the coffee maker...we all know its never ending....but i thought he was cute and just fell for the trick....so there i am standing there like a dork....the new girl....for about 10 minutes filling a bucket with hot water....finally everyone started laughing at me....it was quite embarrassing but he said bc i did all that he wanted to take me out on a date. He took me over to Mizner Park for some fancy dinner where i couldnt even pronouce half the things on the menu. We had a lot of fun and remained good friends for awhile....when i saw he had passed away i just started crying, because my Boyfriend now in a Marine and you think these guys are indestructable but they arent...Danny you will be WELL missed....take care of yourself up in Heaven.... Close
NEVER FORGET YOU!  / Mike Bertorelli (Friend)  Read >>
NEVER FORGET YOU!  / Mike Bertorelli (Friend)
To all those who knew Danny know that he was one who enjoyed life and freedom with a carefree joy in his heart. I know for sure he is in a much better place now, he has moved on to the next level. 
        You will never be forgotten and will always be missed brother!
 Thank you for protecting us and may god bless you for all you've done for your country.  SEMPER FI---- OU-RAH
     see you at the crossroads,
               Mike (Bert) Close
Miss you dearly...  / Eduardo &. Summer Martinez &. Allen (Friend of many years )  Read >>
Miss you dearly...  / Eduardo &. Summer Martinez &. Allen (Friend of many years )

Wow...I've known daniel for almost 10 years now...Ilan I am so sorry for your loss. We send our condolensces to you and your family. Daniel was always a joy to be around. Always the jokester of the crowd. You will forever be in our hearts and in our spirits. We will never forget you..... You are forever a true hero.
Love, Summer & Eddie

Danny you will always be loved!  / Luly (friend)  Read >>
Danny you will always be loved!  / Luly (friend)

i have known danny now for many years. he was a guy that could always put a smile on my face. Danny was a great person that everyone loved. we may not see danny but i know she is here with us always watching over us. to danny's family i am so sorry for your loss

danny you will be missed always and forever! we will meet again one day............ watch over us all you will always be in our hreats. 

missing you and may you RIP

love luly

Dear Danny...  / Nicole Hochman   Read >>
Dear Danny...  / Nicole Hochman

Dear Danny, I can't believe that you are really gone. Even in the short time I knew you, I never thought this day would come. I always thought we had more time, to be friends, to laugh, to cry, even just to talk. When I first heard the knews I was in immediate shock. I think I could feel my heart breaking. I can only imagine how Gina and your entire family is feeling right now. And my heart goes out to all of them. I know you were the best son, grandson, brother, boyfriend, friend that you could possibly be. It is unmeasurably the amount of love you had for your friends and family and they had for you. You are truly a hero. I know now you are in a better place, but you will always be missed. I will never forget you. You will always have a special place in my heart. I really feel bad for the people that never got a chance to meet you, because they really will never get the chance to know what an amazing person you were. I know you are up in heaven looking down on everyone and I hope your okay.
I wasn't sure the exact way to honor your memory, but I tried. I hope your proud :) I know you would be!! XOXOXO RIP Danny.

"Heaven must be a wonderful place now that you are there...because I know the world is a lot less beautiful ... without you by my side."

Love, Nicole

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